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V Iternational Congress

V Iternational Congress

International Association of Victims of Terrorism

V International Congress
“ Screams in Silence”
In Memory of the Victims of Terrorism
Heritage of a collective memory

Court Theatre Royal Palace
Naples (Italy) on 15th and 16st October 2012 

The sharing of memory in its authentic and democratic search for truth and justice is a tangible sign that the boundary that divides the honesty about the history, from falsehood and misrepresentation of the same.
After the Second World War, despite the tragedies that had been consumed, it has been reborn the seed of hatred and cynicism of some political regimes and dictators that to preserve the power they have not hesitated to grant the hardship and bloody repression becoming complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims.

They are the same regimes that have encouraged terrorism and taught the hatred covering the most violent sides against unarmed citizens, men of information and political opponents.
Talking about terrorism and political hatred is not only an intellectual debate to identify problems behind social splits and conflicts of ethnic – religious, but also the tool to find and point out the way to create binding international conventions to protect people who are in high-risk situations of violence.

“AIVIT” International Association of Victims of Terrorism promotes and organizes the V International Conference “Scream in the Silence” in memory of the Victims of Terrorism. It will held in Court Theatre Royal Palace the City of Naples on 15th and 16th October 2012.

Click on this link to download the presentation of the conference in pdf format


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